Little Note

I fell asleep unintentionally and woke up at 1 am I had a dream with you in it now I realize I lost you twice. Advertisements

I will never have any control of how you think and perceive things. I have explained things that I need to explain. I don’t know anymore what version of me you’re expecting to have. I don’t know which things that I’m capable of doing would lessen the pain. I am, about to quit, I guess. […]

Grant Our Wish

My life is reaching its highest level of worthlessness, where people leave and I am helpless. To quote the recent wish of a dearest person: I wish my impulsivity will be strong enough to kill me. I wish the same. I wish the same.

A Medal for The Manipulated

I wish you wouldn’t be too anguish to look for my dead body. I wish if you found me you could still see me the way you’re seeing me now: that smouldering rage. I wish you could never changed your perspective about me, about how I’ve done you wrong. I wish you a triumph to […]

Life as A Dancing Floor

The universe is good, it recently reminded me to go easy, to surrender. I was in a state of confusion and emptiness, but then the universe told me: You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life. See that girl, watch that scene, digging the dancing queen. Dear everyone, if you ever […]