I will never have any control of how you think and perceive things. I have explained things that I need to explain. I don’t know anymore what version of me you’re expecting to have. I don’t know which things that I’m capable of doing would lessen the pain. I am, about to quit, I guess. […]

Grant Our Wish

My life is reaching its highest level of worthlessness, where people leave and I am helpless. To quote the recent wish of a dearest person: I wish my impulsivity will be strong enough to kill me. I wish the same. I wish the same.

A Medal for The Manipulated

I wish you wouldn’t be too anguish to look for my dead body. I wish if you found me you could still see me the way you’re seeing me now: that smouldering rage. I wish you could never changed your perspective about me, about how I’ve done you wrong. I wish you a triumph to […]

Life as A Dancing Floor

The universe is good, it recently reminded me to go easy, to surrender. I was in a state of confusion and emptiness, but then the universe told me: You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life. See that girl, watch that scene, digging the dancing queen. Dear everyone, if you ever […]

Karena Isak

Sesak terisak-isak, karena terdesak emosi yang dibawa sang tuak. Satu tenggak, masih terbahak-bahak. Dua tenggak, mulai bersikap congkak. Tiga tenggak, perasaan teracak-acak. Empat tenggak, muncul hasrat untuk berbiak. Lima tenggak, selamat tinggal bijak. Kemudian rasanya muak, penuh dengan kehendak yang membengkak. Enam tenggak, aku terkuak, membeludak, tidak bisa lagi berdiri tegak. Cagak, dimana cagak, aku […]